#179 The Health Fix with Dr Ayan Panja

Today I’m chatting with a really good friend of the podcast, Dr Ayan Panja and I’m delighted to announce that he has finally written an incredible debut book “The Health Fix”.

We talk about the potential for health coaches to unlock huge benefits in the NHS

The IDEAL framework for behaviour change

How to understand your biology and fix symptoms using the ‘health loop’

This is a great episode that dives into how better understanding our our biology and the interconnectedness of our hormone, nervous, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and immune system could lead to improved outcomes in how we treat ourselves.

Ayan is one of the UK's most influential GPs. And his book is packed with practical tips built around novel frameworks with revealing case studies and a focus on evidence and science.

The book is fantastic and it’s now hot on my recommendation list for anyone who wants to understand their health better.

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