#121 Happy Not Perfect and Mental Fitness with Poppy Jamie

I’m super excited to have Poppy Jamie on the show this week. She is such an inspiration to all entrepreneurs out there and has accomplished so much in the space of just a few years of hard graft. As you will hear on the pod she has a beautiful way of translating wisdom for a wider audience and our conversation touches on William James, Carl Jung, Shakespeare, Viktor Frankl and many more. There is so much to learn from history and if we can find a way to be just that little bit more aware everyday, the benefits accumulate. 

Poppy launched the Not Perfect podcast and the Happy Not Perfect app after four years of aggregating behavioral studies and developing the app with neuroscientists, researchers, and her psychotherapist mom. 

Her debut book, “HAPPY NOT PERFECT: Upgrade Your Mind, Challenge Your Thoughts, and Free Yourself from Anxiety” is a best seller and it’s here that she introduces an approach to stretch our minds that she calls “the Flex”. And this is in order to create new, healthy thought habits and overcome challenges, whilst making us a bit more “psychologically bendy”.

Poppy was also appointed as the youngest member of UCLA’s Stewart and Lynda Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital advisory board to consult on the wellbeing of students. She’s taken part at the first mental health talk series at Cambridge University, lectured at the UCLA Wow Summit on brain health, and delivered a TEDxTalk titled,“Addicted to Likes” about the psychological impact of social media and technology and how to reverse the damage which I recommend checking out.

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