BONUS Episode: The Power of Gratitude with Myra Ali

What  an amazing conversation of positivity, mindset and resilience you’re about to hear today.

Myra Ali is a freelance celebrity and lifestyle journalist, and BBC Guest Editor with bylines in British GQ, BBC, Marie-Claire, and the New York Post. She Interviews A listers such as Tom Holland, Riz Ahmed, Samuel L Jackson, Jake Gyllennhaal, Timothy Chalamet to name a few.

Myra’s story, however, is much deeper than the glossy magazines she writes for and the  red carpet  events she attends. Myra was born with the rare condition of 'butterfly skin' , epidermolysis bullosa. An extremely rare, life-threatening skin condition that causes her body to blister and tear, and as a result of surgeries has left her with physical disability too.

Growing up with such a severe and disfiguring condition had a significant impact on her self confidence, ability to make friends as well as choose a career suited to her abilities and ambitions. But undeterred by her limitations, her incredible mindset has been key to breaking barriers and stereotypes and has landed her into the career of her dreams.

She has been open in her writing about living with her disability, and the way in which disabled women of colour can be too easily left out of the conversation. I’m delighted to showcase her incredible  story with  you and I hope that  after  hearing  about her perspective  on how  impactful the practice of ‘Gratitude’ has been for her, you’ll also undertake a daily gratitude practice.

We talk about :

Myra’s upbringing and childhood experiences 

The book titled “The Secret” and how that  impacted her life


The connection between Spiderman and Jason Atherton

And Representation of disability in the media

Check her out @myraaliedit

I listened back to this conversation in full and I just had the biggest smile on my face. Myra is such a rockstar and I hope her story and importantly her energy really inspires you.

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