#64 More Than Medicine (1 of 3). Cultivating an Elite Performance Mindset with Sports Psychologist Tom Bates

My guest today is Tom Bates, a performance psychologist who applies fast, easy and accessible performance enhancing techniques to elite sports men and women based on the Science of Psychology.

His work has extended into other sports beyond premiership football including GB athletes in Basketball, Swimming, Boxing, Rugby, Golf and Fencing and is working toward Tokyo 2021.

Our conversation today spans a multitude of topics including

  • How to harness better Self-Awareness
  • How changing your Perception of the environment will drastically change your experience of it
  • Realising you are in total control of your emotions enables you to be bulletproof from insecurity and negative energy
  • How to nurture an Authentic self

Even though Tom has worked with highly motivated people his whole life who are looking for that extra 1-5% of better performance, his work and learnings are relevant to all of us and I think if you think of yourself struggling with any aspect of behavior, health or habit change, you will definitely enjoy this pod

We also talk about using:

  • Visualisation exercises
  • The Law of Attraction

Which are two things I strongly believe in and touch upon at the end of the podcast episode.

And do check out Tom's book - the Future Coach - which I'm sure you'll find super interesting too.

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