#122 Collagen, Acne and the Gut-Skin Connection with Dr Harriet Holme

Skin, lifestyle and diet. Perhaps some of the commonest things I get  asked about by patients, the doctor’s kitchen community and honestly one of the least understood at this point. In today’s episode we dive into acne, a bit about the gut skin axis, we also talk about Dr Harriet’s background in science from the lab to the plate or pill as well as our thoughts on collagen! Make sure you listen to  the end because I summarise my thoughts on diet, lifestyle and supplements for healthy skin, so you don’t want to miss that.

It’s always a pleasure having Dr Harriet on the pod. Her experience as both a frontline clinician, scientist and registered nutritionist really shows and I love chatting to her.

Dr Harriet Holme is a Registered Nutritionist (AfN), and former experienced paediatrician. After studying at Cambridge University, she worked as a doctor in the NHS for over a decade before focusing on nutrition. She has a PhD in genetics and is a lecturer in nutrition. 

Dr Harriet has authored two books 'Eating During Pregnancy', that she wrote to provide mums to be with credible information on pregnancy nutrition and ‘Postpartum Nutrition: An Expert’s Guide to Eating After a Baby’, to support new mums, and their journey through motherhood and weaning. Dr Harriet also has a number of virtual courses on nutrition on her website https://healthyeatingdr.com, the links to which are on the podcast show notes.

There’s also an article to support today’s podcast that  you can find on www.thedoctorskitchen.com website which lists some of the evidence base used for the recommendations and I hope you find it a useful resource.

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