#158 Cannabis and Mood with Dr Dani Gordon plus an intro from Dr Michael Dixon LVO, OBE

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Today I’m chatting with Dr Dani Gordon. Canadian, British and American Board Qualified Medical doctor and author of ‘The CBD Bible’ and the forthcoming ‘The Resilience Blueprint’ . 

She has treated thousands of patients with medical cannabis, trained some of the first UK cannabis physicians and now runs a UK based medical practice focused on Integrative & Cannabinoid Medicine. 

Dani has been on the pod before when we did a hugely popular series on CBD, so definitely check that out if you haven’t listened already.

Today we chat about:

  • An overview of CBD and its chemical constituents
  • CBD and coffee
  • The mood stabilising effect of CBD for mental health
  • What to look for in a CBD product
  • Uses of other classified drugs 

But first, I also have a quick chat with Dr Michael Dixon, chairman of the college of medicine and his CV is about as long as the podcast! Having graduated in psychology and philosophy at Oxford University he studied medicine at Guy’s Hospital. Since 1984 he has been a general practitioner at College Surgery in Cullompton, Devon. In 2008, he and his partners created the “Culm Valley Integrated Centre for Health”, which is widely regarded as a prototype for general practice of the future.

Since the early 1990s, he has been a leader of the GP/clinical commissioning movement with its aim of allowing frontline clinicians a far greater role in improving local services and health. Since 2007, he has been visiting professor to the University of Westminster (Integrated School of Health) and was also appointed visiting professor of University College, London in 2012. He is a regular writer and broadcaster, having written several books including “The Human Effect in Medicine” and is a former president of the Health Writers Guild.

Michael and his team were pivotal in creating this conference that brought together a huge collection of varied professionals and frankly I’m counting the days till the next one.

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