BONUS EPISODE: Bread and Bliss with Roly Allen

Have you noticed the sourdough trend sweep through the globe during lockdown? 

People have developed a new love of home cooking and slowed down sourdough is top of the menu. But Roly Allen’s story started before the pandemic. 

After an exhausting couple of decades spent working, commuting, travelling and raising two children, Roly Allen baked his first sourdough loaf in his mid 40s because he’d been made redundant and needed a healthy pursuit while he got back on his feet. 

On the pod today Roly talks me through the process of baking and how sourdough saved his life.  

We chat about many things on the pod today but I highly encourage you to try a sourdough bake yourself. If not for the health of your body, then for the mindfulness benefits that bread baking can have.

And do check out Roly's book - 'How to Raise A Loaf' - it's super interesting and full of great advice and hints and tips for baking bread

And do check out The Doctor's Kitchen website where Roly has shared a 'Working Day Sourdough' recipe and we have all other show notes and social media links

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