#132 Saving Lives in Slow Motion with Dr Ayan Panja

Today’s show is a little bit different from the norm. I’m catching up with good friend of mine and fellow GP, Dr Ayan Panja. You’ll recognise him from previous episodes where we discussed heart and brain health and he has been practising medicine for 22 years since qualifying from Imperial College School of Medicine (my old university).

He co-founded and teaches on the RCGP accredited course “Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine”, he’s writing a book that I cannot wait to read, due for publication in January 2023, plus he’s the host of a brilliant podcast called “Saving Lives in Slow motion”.

This is where Ayan takes 15 minutes of your time to give his perspective on health and wellbeing which is “quietly-mind expanding” as he puts it. Informal, but professional and very very listenable. So good in fact, that I’ve embedded one of my favourite episodes that you’re about to listen to before me and Ayan chat on my podcast. This is on medical myths it runs for about 12 minutes and then you’ll hear me and Ayan talk about a number of other topics:

  • Bereavement
  • Lifestyle Medicine
  • Ayan’s new book
  • Why medics need to take a break
  • Some of our favourite UK artists

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