#118 Beat Ageing with Dr Andrew Steele

Can we beat ageing?  This is the topic of today’s discussion and whilst you might think this is yet another dive into our narcissistic tendency to want to live forever and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, the field of ageing and how to reverse it ( known as biogerontology) is actually about beating cancer, dementia, strokes and all the things that become exponentially more likely after the age of 50. 

Dr Andrew Steele PhD is a scientist, writer and campaigner based in London, and author of Ageless: The new science of getting older without getting old. After a PhD in physics from the University of Oxford, he decided that ageing was the single most important scientific challenge of our time, and switched fields to computational biology.

His latest book, dives into the history of ageing research, what we understand about ageing today as well as why in as little as the next few years, I as a doctor, might be able to prescribe a suite of anti-ageing drugs.

Today we talk about:

  • The 10 features of ageing
  • How we measure ageing
  • Senescence, Autophagy, Fasting, Mitochondria, DNA damage
  • Anti-ageing drugs and why senolytics are so exciting
  • Metformin
  • The supplements people are currently using for ageing
  • Gene and Stem cell therapy

Do check out Andrew’s book, Ageless, and thedoctorskitchen.com for links to his YouTube channel and further work in the field of ageing.

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