#221 ADHD and diet with Dr Miguel Toribio-Mateas DProf

Can you eat to improve symptoms of ADHD? That is the subject of conversation today with the wonderful Dr Miguel, who is a clinical neuroscientist and applied microbiologist with a longstanding background in human nutrition. He has a BSc (Hons) Nutritional Medicine, a MSc Clinical Neuroscience and a DProf (PhD) Gut Microbiome & Mental Health.

According to Dr Miguel, the top healthy habits for a fulfilling life include eating fermented foods daily, getting a diversity of plants to support your brain-gut superhighway as well as connecting with people who bring you joy and ditching those who are toxic. 

As part of his giving back, Dr Miguel is the Neurodiversity Lead of the Primary Care & Community Neurology Society (also known as the Person-Centered Neurosciences Society), and he supports youth mental health programmes at the London-based Body & Soul charity. He also holds an honorary research fellow position at the School of Psychology, Cardiff University.

As we do a deep dive into the science of food and neurodiversity (spanning a spectrum of disorders) we also talk about Miguel's personal experience.

In 2020, Dr Miguel burned out and in the middle of a terrifying nervous system meltdown, he had the most wonderful “a-ha!” moment. As a scientist, he was able to match what the literature says about stored trauma with his own personal experience, realising the far-reaching consequences of adverse childhood events on and beyond the gut. This time in Dr Miguel’s life - leading to his late diagnosis with ADHD and autism - provided him with the opportunity to layer a trauma- and lived-experience-informed approach over the evidence-based practice approach that he’d been used to for years. He will discuss why he firmly believes science should now be focusing on the “brain to gut” downstream communication branch of the gut-brain axis, rather than on the “gut microbes to brain” branch.

He has a course on ADHD and diet that is due to launch in November 2023 and you can find his free newsletter at thecreativescientist.substack.com as well as on social media @drmiguelmateas

If you head over to YT, you can not only watch the podcast in the new podcast studio at Doctor’s Kitchen HQ, but also catch a diversity bowl that me and Miguel made which is perfect for those living with ADHD.

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