#198 Beat Burnout and become more resilient with Dr Dani Gordon

Burnout. It’s a massive topic, not fully understood and the mechanisms that drive stress, fatigue, brain fog and all the symptoms suggestive of poor resilience, are multifactorial and complex which is why it’s so lovely to speak with a double board certified medical and integrative medicine doctor who’s treated 1000s of patients about this subject.

It can often be frustrating for people as well, particularly when you feel like you’re doing the right things. You eat the right foods, you exercise, you take supplements, you meditate, you do yoga. You do all the ‘correct things’ yet you still have symptoms that make you feel that you’re constantly treading water without any resolve.

Dr Dani Gordon is back on the podcast today, she’s an integrative medicine physician and leading expert in integrative and cannabinoid medicine, and resilience. She has treated thousands of patients with medical cannabis, is vice chair of the UK Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society and is author of ‘The CBD Bible’ and the new book 'The Resilience Blueprint.'   

We talk about:

  • What we mean by burnout?
  • What symptoms are suggestive of burnout
  • How resilience starts in the brain
  • The HPA axis
  • Psychoneuroimmunology
  • Endocannibinoid system and the gut
  • Supplements for sleep
  • General supplements for health
  • Mind Body Interventions
  • Concepts to lean into for resilience such as compassion, optimism, gratitude, self awareness and judgment

Dr Dani’s medical practice, Resilience Medicine Clinics, treats patients across the UK with cannabinoids and integrative medicine with a focus on mental health, chronic fatigue and complex chronic disease. 

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