#82 Wellness for Entrepreneurs (Part 3 of 3) Building a Brand for Life with Liz Earle MBE

Liz Earle MBE, is an absolute phenomena. She has 35 books to her name, multiple TV shows, a global beauty brand, a magazine and a hugely engaged and connected community online

Her work in beauty and wellness started way before the trend and her commitment to this area, along with many other businesses, built the foundations for the wellness industry currently valued at over a trillion dollars globally. 

Today I’m going to be chatting with Liz about her entrepreneurial journey, her experiences and what she has learned along the way. I want to share her story, her strategies for maintaining personal wellbeing, creating a support system around her as well as what excites her about the landscape right now. 

This is quite a personal podcast from both sides and we share a number of anecdotes which I hope will help you the listener understand the journey of an entrepreneur a bit better.

This episode is for anyone who wants to know more about what it takes to be a founder in a unique industry as well as the added complexity of maintaining authenticity and safety for consumers, as is so important in Wellness.

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