#81 Wellness for Entrepreneurs (Part 2 of 3) Coping with Startup Stress with Zanna van Dijk and Natalie Glaze

Entrepreneurship has a real glamour to it these days. With images of global startups such as Tesla, Lyft, Gymshark, Monzo and more. But what is startup life really like? And is it as desirable as people make it out to be?

I’m thrilled to welcome along good friends of mine to the show - Zanna van Dijk and Natalie Glaze. These entrepreneurial, passionate ocean lovers wanted to create a business which was a force for good. A business that aligns with their morals and actually serves the planet.

To fulfil this desire they co-founded Stay Wild Swim in 2018, an ethical and sustainable swimwear brand made from regenerated ocean plastic in the heart of London. Since the launch it has quickly become a leader in the sustainable fashion industry with a radically transparent supply chain, showing that you can consciously produce clothing without compromising style and quality. I personally know just how much effort goes into sourcing the raw materials, the fulfillment process and the seasonless slow fashion approach.

Featured in Vogue, showcased at London Fashion Week, stocked in Selfridges and approved by Anna Wintour - Stay Wild Swim has seen huge success in a short period of time and is set to continue shaking up the fashion world.

But what are the costs of startup? Beyond the glamour and the success what is the day to day like? The stresses, the sacrifice and how do these young business women stay grounded? What is their secret?

On the show today we talk about:

  • How Zanna and Natalie connected and grew the concept of what became Stay Wild
  • Their rapid journey to success, features across both luxury magazines and the biggest social media account
  • What stresses they have encountered on their short journey
  • What coping mechanisms they have learnt along the way
  • Zannas personal illness that led to her understanding the value of stopping and taking time for herself
  • What advice Natalie and Zanna have for listeners to cope with anxiety and stress, regardless of whether they are starting something up as a business 

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