#67 Eating with your Genes, with Registered Dietitian Rachel Clarkson

On the show today I’m delighted to welcome Rachel Clarkson. Rachel is a leading Nutrigenomic Specialist Dietitian - using world renowned, next generation technology and expert analysis to create Personalised Wellness programmes for her clients under the name of The DNA Dietitian. 

She is a guest lecturer for St Mary’s University MSc in Genetics & Nutrition and sits on the Scientific Advisory Board of two health tech platforms.

On the show today we chat about:

  • Her background in dietetics and why she decided to specialise in personalised nutrition
  • The basics of what a gene is
  • Epigenetics and how this relates to food and environment changes
  • The difference between nutrigenetic tests and deterministic gene investigations
  • Disease risk versus modifier (metabolic) gene tests
  • Why a one size fits all model in medicine and nutrition is not good enough anymore
  • Rachel’s approach to consulting with patients in clinic
  • How to personalise diets for fertility, obesity and more
  • Out of the 10s of 1000s of single nucleotide polymorphisms, how do we determine which ones are important


This is an incredibly interesting field of nutrition and medicine that is definitely something which will become the norm in the future.


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