What have the Romans ever done for us? Food of Roman Britain

I recently met with the creator and presenter of The Full English Podcast, Lewis Bassett to talk about -well our favourite subject: food- and especially the long lost history of food in British Isles.

How far back could we go? Perhaps the first documented evidence were from the Roman occupation of Britain nearly 2000 years ago.

We thought we should examine the social aspect of Roman food in Britain and the influence of Rome in the lives of ancient Britons. 

What was the flavour palette of the ancient world? What were the common foods 2000 years ago? What did the Romans introduced to these islands, foods that we now take as native and local?

Lewis came to my house and we cooked an ancient Romano-British feast inspired by both Apicius and archaeological evidence and analysis of remains.

I hope you'll enjoy our little conversation, and the food of course!

Music by Pavlos Kapralos

Much love,

Thom & The Delicious Legacy

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