The Lost Supper - An Interview with Taras Grescoe

Where do you go if you want to find the plant Silphium?

And what the heck is Axayacatl?

Join me on this episode for a great discussion I had with author and journalist Taras Grescoe.

His latest book "The Lost Supper" will be published on November 9th in UK and so I managed to secure a pre-release copy and ask him all the important questions!

Taras through his quest for past flavours, is perhaps the first westerner in nearly 2000 years that have chewed on the root of "Silphion" the legendary plant and spice for Greek and Roman cuisine! Bold claim huh? What did he find in a remote plain in the centre of modern Turkey?

How did his own home-made Garum tasted like? And who makes the best modern garum? The archaeologists in Spain or the fishermen of Vietnam?

A key message of the book is that in Diversity there is Resilience.

And all the diversity in our food systems is diminished constantly by the Industry.

These and a lot more in our interview here!

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Transcript for inaudible parts:

12min 25sec in:

“She advised me as I made my own garum and the interesting thing is of course it’s a pretty straightforward process you allow with salt, small fish, in my case portuguese sardines to liquify…”

15 min 39sec:

“We do well to include them in our diet especially given the population pressure i decided to go down to mexico city …”

21min 13 sec:

“I grew up in somewhere what some people call it British Colombia I prefer to call it Illahee Ch uk,which means where the land meets the sea, I grew near Vancouver Island…”

22min 25sec:

“ a variety of plant foods and of course the aquatic resources and especially the salmon ….so it was my goal was to find that root and to see if someone will offer my some hospitality its amazing food it is a complex carbohydrate…”

23min 35sec:

“...which is almost like a Scottish fried bread which they are not really good for your health those things whereas the camas was excellent.  There’s one thing about the camas you have to be careful there are two kinds of camas, blue camas and white camas and the white camas is also known death camas and a single taste of it it can paralyse you” 

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