The History of Wine Part Two - Ancient Classical Greece

Wine, because no great story started with a salad!


Today we shall explore the legacy of ancient Greece and her wines.

Symposiums, ancient Greek grape varieties and wines, like Lemnio, Savvatiano, Assyrtiko, Thassian and Chian wines...

And what about the ancient Greek drinking vessels? Which ones did they use?

"In ancient Greece, the master of the house would open the festivity known as an agape (meaning literally ‘love’ in the sense of friendship) by pouring a libation of wine. For once, the wine was served neat, without water, and very little of it was drunk. Before any of the guests raised it to their lips the host emptied a cup of wine on the sacred family hearth, as the share for the gods, those of the hearth and the others. Then everyone sang a hymn to Dionysus."

Sit back, relax, open a bottle of wine and listen!

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