The History of the Magical Garos Sauce

Welcome to Season Two of The Delicious Legacy Podcast!

Garos, Garum, Fish Sauce.

All interconnected, similar, possible same, but in a essence a single idea, a concept that has connected the far corners of the Mediterranean and of course today the massive sub-continent of South East Asia!

The first episode of the new season is all a little bonus taster of what is going to follow in the next weeks...!

Garum is an ingredient, a recipe, a history and a mystery, that I find myself coming back to investigate, experiment and re-use again and again.

It really doesn't get boring at all!

Here we are updating the episode 5 from season 1, over a year and a half ago, with more interesting information:

A vegetarian Garum from ancient Rome (!!!)

Galen's dietary advice with Garum.

Details about Garum from Geponica

Updates and details from modern Garums in Andalusia and in Amalfi...

And much more of course!

Many thanks to Pavlos Kapralos for writing the theme music!

more of his work here:

Colatura Di Alici info (in Italian) 

Modern Flor De Garum from Cadiz: 

Fish Salting Factories of Ancient Southern Spain:

"A sauce with a lot of history in southern Spain"

And of course I'm delighted to say that the listeners get a 15% discount from Maltby and Greek deli in London,

when you shop online using the code "delicious" here:

I hope you enjoy the start of our season two!

Happy Listening!

Thom & The Delicious Legacy

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