The History of Spice Trade Pt2

Making this episode was an epic adventure, "travelling" through the ancient world and through time, so I had to divide it into three parts.

Today in part two of our adventure amongst other things we follow the trails of frankinsence and who were the Nabataeans?

The ancient spice route is inextricably linked with the Arabian peninsula. At first, this seems a little bit odd perhaps, and a little baffling. Why this inhospitable desert, is connected with the spice trade so closely?

In today's part two of our trilogy about the ancient history of the spices and spice trade, we'll talk about the Frankincense and other spices introduced to the temples and plates of ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.

Let's delve a bit deeper to the history of aromatics and spices, their use in ancient Greece and Egypt

The ancient world was highly globalised and the Arabian traders were in the middle of a lucrative route; Incense and spices and precious, exotic luxury goods were coming from the East and used in the West, for many millennia. For rituals, for food and seen as items that bestowed power and authority to the person who possessed them.


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Voiceover actors appearing in order : Mark Knight, Baron Anastis, Jim Bryden, Rachael Louise Miller.


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