The History of Coffee

"An Ethiopian goatherd named Kaldi one day noticed his bestgoat dancing about and baaing like a maniac. It seemed tohappen after the old billy goat had been nibbling the berries offa certain plant. The goatherd tried a few himself and soon wasdancing about, too."

How do you like your coffee?

Dark, bitter, milky, sweet or spiced?

Hot, or iced?

From Brazil, Mexico, Java, Jamaica or Colombia?

But even if it's unimaginable to think your morning without it, there was a time before the caffeinated era! A time that people didn't drink it!

I know! The horror!

Where did it all started and why? and how come it's the most popular trading commodity in the world after oil?

From Ethiopia to Yemen from there to Egypt and Turkey and then Europe...

and then the new world and the whole world! Coffee is truly global!

Many myths persist on how or why and many wars were fought. And bans on its consumption. And slavery.

So much to unpack!

Listen and enjoy!

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