The History of Chocolate in the Mayan Civilization - Pt2

Fun fact about chocolate:

The chocolate drink of today, is nothing like the drink the ancient Mayans had! That was 98% cacao nibs, today is probably 2%!

Have you ever thought how on earth someone thought to take the seeds of a difficult to grow tree, dry them, ferment them, toast them, grind them and make them into a delicious yet bitter drink? How did all start? When and where?

Chocolate has been known for 3000 years , give or take to humankind. And for almost all of it’s history, it has been consumed as a drink. Mayas and Aztecs both used to drink it, making a form of frothy chocolate drink flavoured sometimes with spices such as chilli and vanilla. In order to achieve the froth which was considered a sign of quality, the drink was poured back and forth between two jars.


The Delicious Legacy

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