The History of Chocolate in the Mayan Civilization -Pt1

Deep in the diverse, evergreen, and humid tropical forests of Yucatan, lies a secret; something that in the past 50 years we certainly have become more familiar with, yet when one sets foot today, in these vast tropical landscapes, it is hard to imagine. Once, this was part of the urban landscapes of the Mayans, long before the European invaders trampled on American soil with their armour and leather boots. Here, Mayans planted cacao trees amongst other crops on these sites, right on the riverbanks. The birdsong in the morning was and still is, intense. Troops of howler monkeys, swing and cry and feast on figs that grow along the river, and which provide the shade that cacao trees need to thrive.

Who made the first cacao drink? Where does the name come from?

Find out this and a lot more on this episode of The Delicious Legacy!

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