The History of Chocolate and Cacao Tree Part 3

Chocolate, gambling, debauchery, and plotting to bring down the government...

You wouldn't expect that from your average coffee house, but this was part and parcel of the most exclusive clubs of the day, the infamous chocolate houses of St James Square, London...

And you thought Aztecs were the wild ones...

Sadly almost all that we know for the Aztecs is wrong or plainly exaggerated. Montezuma indeed he had lavish feasts with many courses, but he certainly didn't drink 50 cups of cocoa! And certainly it wasn't an aphrodisiac. This was a strange fascination and obsession of the Spanish conquistadors.

The Aztecs drunk it as a ritual drink, a drink fit for the nobility and the higher echelons of society.

Find out about the above and a lot more on today's episode about the history of chocolate in the Aztec Mexico and in Europe!


The Delicious Legacy

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