The Celebrity Chefs of Ancient Greece and Fragments of Ancient Recipes

The ancient Greek chef, was the first of the genre we know today as "Celebrity Chef".

Competitive, highly sought after, creative, innovator...Feuds and fights and fish, gossip and satire! They had it all!

Who were they? What did their contemporaries thought of them? What did survive of their fame, of their recipes and their books?

Take for example, the only surviving recipe by Europe's oldest cookbook author, Mithaecus, from Sicily, is an instruction for dealing with this fish. 'Gut, discard the head, rinse,. slice; add cheese and oil. Cepola rubescens, a long, ribbon-like fish. Now not much sought after, this was a delicacy to classical Greeks...

The recipes the fragments of which I'm sharing with you today will delight you, excite you, mystify you...and hopefully will inspire you too!

Find out more, on today's episode....


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