Interpreting Medieval Recipes for the Modern Kitchen with Dr Christopher Monk

Dr Christopher Monk is a specialist consultant in medieval culture and texts, working freelance in the heritage sector and with creative professionals. He is also a cook.

A cook of Medieval food and recipes, re-worked for our modern kitchens. The feasts of kings usually cooked over open fire, for 100's of guests and with the help of countless cooks, spit-turns, kitchen assistant's and many others now reworked for your family table!

What are the barriers for us when trying to cook an ancient recipe? What does the language and the translation of the texts tell us and how do we interpret the texts?

What recipes can be found in the early Anglo-Norman kitchen?

Let's dive in and get a chance to find out recipes, language and techniques of the past going back nearly a thousand years in Medieval Europe.

Do we need a glossary - a medieval culinary glossary- to better understand the ingredients of our old English kitchens?

On his YouTube channel Dr Christopher Monk brings to you recipes from the fourteenth century Fourme of Cury ('Method of Cookery'), King Richard II's official cookery treatise (c.1390), as well as other early cookery works.

If you want to find more about Dr Monks forthcoming book as well as watching some of the fascinating recipes he re-creates check his website and YouTube channel here:

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