Decoding the Forme Of Cury - An Interview with Dr Christopher Monk

Did you know that you could use cinnamon buds as spice in food? Well I didn't either before my interview with Dr Christopher Monk!

Is Forme of Cury the oldest complete collection of recipes from England?

This book was originally commissioned by Richard II and compiled by his master cooks, with the assent of his physicians and philosophers at court, and it was designed to have 194 recipes. The book dates from late 14th century originally, and is a fascinating document of the medieval period and the cooking habits not only of the King and his palace, but generally of the medieval period.

As with everything so old, that has been saved by the ravages of time, we luckily have several versions of it, some dating from the reign of Richard II, some are later, some are incomplete, we have folios, rolls, manuscripts etc...! And then, on top, modern scholars tend to muddle things with compiling all these versions into one without much context for us mere mortals to understand what's happening!

Anyway enjoy the lovely Dr Monk taking us to a journey through Medieval England, with his food adventures, including mince meats, and mince mint! (say that loudly quickly!)

Find out more medieval recipes on Dr Monks YouTube channel here:

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