Avocado - A Controversial History


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A few weeks ago I had the chance to interview Honor Eldridge about her new book "The Avocado Debate" which will be released on 24 of November.

We talked about the controversy and debate that this fruit causes around many circles of commentators both online and in the real world and of course about it's history and how it went on to conquer the breakfast tables around the world, and why!

From claims it steals water from local communities, to destroying pristine ecosystems and being simply a crop at the hands of drug cartels avocado hasn't being short of controversies.

Should we rightly demonize the avocado or we need a subtler approach to figure out how to solve general environmental issues that arise in food production and help indigenous, local communities? (and enjoy a smashed avocado on toast with our breakfast?)

Let's find out what really happens behind the scenes on this episode of The Delicious Legacy Episode!

You can pre-order the book here:


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