Archestratus The Life of Luxury- Quotes from Athenaeus Pt3

"Archestratus of Gela or Syracuse, the Sicilian who circumnavigated the world (ie the Med) to satisfy his hunger..."

Was he a poet, a gourmand, a philosopher, a traveller?

In the final part of our trilogy we explore the last of the Athenaeus quotes in Deipnosophistai - aka Philosophers at Dinner- the only literally source we have surviving quotes from the legendary poem of Archestratus,

"Hydipatheia" or The Life of Luxury where as an ancient version of Anthony Bourdain goes around the Greek world finding where the best fish, the best wine, the best bread comes from, how to eat it, and, crucially how not to ruin said ingredient.

Plus a recipe or two for parrotfish.


Music by Miltos Boumis and Pavlos Kapralos.

This episode comes with the welcome support of Maltby and Greek, UK's No1 Greek Delicatessen!

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