An Interview with Pen Vogler - Breakfast Through the Ages

Just before the Christmas break, I had the chance to interview -via the magic of the internet- Pen Vogler: author of "Dinner with Mr Darcy" and "Dinner with Dickens" who also had curated the exhibition "Food Glorious Food" at the Charles Dickens Museum. She edited Penguin's Great Food series, writes and reviews on food history for the press and has recreated recipes from the past for BBC Television.

On this episode though, we actually chat about her latest book "Scoff" which is a history of food and class in UK through the ages. Her title, Scoff, plays on two meanings, the first being to chow down and fill your boots with whatever good things come your way, while the second means to mock or negate another person’s way of life – their taste, in other words!

So together we trawl through history and find out why breakfast is crucial mean, what is an important and healthy breakfast, and of course what does it say about your status and your standing in society; what is the most breakfasty breakfast food you should eat?

Of course we explore some recipes, and some delicious ideas for breakfast or brunch (ever so fancy and trendy!) and get deeper into fads and fashionable things, how they change though history and what is -or not- nutritious for you. Needless to say we both hate, and scoff in the notion of cereals for breakfast! Yet we must endure their presence; they are so ubiquitous everywhere we turn! Oh the irony!

Happy listening!

The Delicious Legacy

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