An Interview with Author & Cheesemonger Ned Palmer


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Here, Ned and I, met in Borough Market in London Bridge -the biggest and perhaps oldest continuous market here in London- the "Mecca" of the freshest food produce! So we came here to discuss his latest book "A Cheesemongers Compendium of British and Irish Cheeses" and of course to question like modern philosophers what it means to be a cheesemonger? (it turns out there a lot of recovering philosophers in the cheesemongers profession!) What is terroir and how this manifests in the differences in cheese? And of course I ask more information about the tastiest British Cheeses and more broadly about the place of them in the modern world. (and table!)

Do you want to know which cheese tastes of roasted peanuts? And has floral notes? Or what about banana scented cheese, the old artificial kinda of banana, and estuary! Surprising huh? You don't expect that huh? Well, have a listen and all will be revealed!

Extra content for backers only (if you subscribe on Patreon you have access to it) Ned gives us his perfect cheese and beer pairings! Because cheese and beer goes really well together, and perhaps so, even better than most wines! 


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