A Very Short History of Cheese -Updated Version 2023

Did you know that humans couldn't digest milk? All humans except babies and toddlers that is. But cheese...Cheese was OK!

Our Neolithic ancestors were goat and sheep herders and had this amazing resource, milk from their animals, which was making them ill. Till something clicked and they've realised that we could utilize it if it is transformed to cheese!

When did all that happened? Why? Where was cheese first 'invented' by whom and how did it spread across Europe and the world?

In this episode - a rerun and re-edit of an older one from season one- I speak with author and cheesemonger and all around great human being Ned Palmer, who's book "A Cheesemongers Guide to the British Isles" was released in 2019 and formed the basis for our conversation here.

*Warning there is a somewhat graphic description of the "dead goat cheese" which some listeners might find upsetting.

The episode is updated and more concise than the one from Season 1, this one is roughly 50 minutes of fascinating cheese history; we are time-travelling in an adventure to discover one of our most genius creations! Cheese!

With so many varieties and styles join us for fun trip to humankind's past! We travel to Neolithic Mesopotamia, Prehistoric Britain and Ireland, Homeric Greece, Ancient Rome and Medieval Europe!

Music by Miltos Boumis https://cretanbrioche.com/author/boumis/

and Pavlos Kapralos. https://www.youtube.com/@pavloskapralos3969

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