A Saturnalia Feast! Feasting and Partying during winter, in the Roman World

Io Saturnalia!

Long before Christmas existed and was celebrated...

There was another mid-winter festival...SATURNALIA!

Gaius Valerius Catullus described it as "the best of times"; an extravaganza of food and drink, an inversion of social roles, an expression of one's self through singing gambling...

Originating as a farmers' festival dedicated to Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture and the harvest, it started as one day celebration, usually December 17th, but over centuries evolved to something bigger.

Eventually the Roman dramatist Seneca complained 'December used to be a month- now it's a whole year'

Can you not relate? Every holiday nowadays seems to last, until the next one! Could be month, could be longer, after all, the Christmas tat goes for sale in August these days!

Music by Pavlos Kapralos.

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