A History of the World in Ten Dinners

What have I got for you?

Only an exclusive interview with food historian Victoria Flexner and Chef Jay Reifel about their new book "A History of the World in Ten Dinners" which is going to be released on 19 of September.

I was granted access to the preview copy and the opportunity to chat to the creators of the Supper Club "Edible History" about their new adventure writing this amazing book.

A History of the World in Ten Dinners, is divided into ten chapters, starting in ancient Rome, working through 10th century Baghdad, the medieval Silk Road, Renaissance Italy, Tudor England, Al-Andalus, the Columbian Exchange, the Ethiopian Empire, Versailles all the way up to 19th century New York City. Each chapter weaves historical narrative with period recipes sourced from manuscripts, ancient culinary compendiums.


Links to Jay's & Victoria's work and book:





Music by Pavlos Kapralos as usual!


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