The Ancient History of Beer with Pete Brown

I'm very excited to share this episode with you!

Also this hot, hot weather makes one thirsty! There's only one thing that can sort our thirst: Beer!

Beer indeed is the answer. A pint of cold, clear, crispy happiness. An almost universal pasttime, African, Asian, European and South American civilisations all had a version of this delightful alcoholic beverage, to enjoy with friends, and family around the fire. Water, malt, hops and yeast is all there is and yet we’ve managed to produce countless different delicious drinks from these simple four ingredients.

In this episode I'm delighted to have as my guest Pete Brown, the beer writer, and all around delightful human, to ask him all the important questions:

When did humans started making beer? And why? Where's the birthplace of beer-making?

How did the first beer tasted like? And can we try it now?

Is beer the drink of the commoners or actually a great social leveler anyway?

What is a lambic beer?

We sat around and ate some ancient Greek inspired BBQ, drunk some delicious beers both modern and some old school ones too and we discussed all of the above, for your curious ears!

Pete Brown is an expert writer of all things degustatory, but most of all passionate for the convivial drink that we call beer! And his expertise helped to match great beers, with some fantastically marinated bbq meats.

Join us for an adventure that begins in the neolithic era, as we travel through to ancient Mesopotamia, and China then to modern-day subsaharan Africa in our quest to quell our thirst for ancient beer!

You can find Pete's books on all good bookshops, and he has a website with articles and other useful stuff here:

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