A Forgotten Empire - Foods of Ancient Carthage

The centre of Mediterranean. The true centre of the ancient world. 

The Phoenicians, from what is modern day Lebanon, from a small coastal strip of land, sailed away and never looked back! They and their descendants went further away than any other ancient civilization perhaps even circumnavigated Africa westwards as fasr south as Gabon in the equator!

They also gave us the alphabet!

Greeks, Etruscans and Romans then adopted it and we're still using it to this day. it's rather tragic then, that we don't have almost nothing surviving from their libraries and their literature and of course their foods and recipes.

Carthage was perhaps the most significant culture connecting the far west of the Med -even beyond the pillars of Hercules- with the East; Mesopotamia and even beyond. True sailors, navigators, explorers and merchants perhaps are somehow forgotten in our age -unfairly in our opinion- about their contributions to the worlds history.

In today's episode we explore the agricultural impact, the foods and important discoveries that played a significant role in the rise of the first truly global trade network in the ancient world.

Is there anything surviving from the golden era of Carthage that tells us about their food?

Greeks and Romans followed where the Phoenicians and Carthaginians lead the way.

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