2024:07 Javier Milei and Understanding the Political Extremes Part One

Last week at Davos, Javier Milei, delivered a fiery speech that spared no one, from Keynesians to Globalists. Despite some controversy, Milei's libertarian ideas are gaining traction both in Argentina and beyond. As people grapple with economic and geopolitical challenges, they are increasingly drawn to solutions that Milei proposes.

In this episode, we explore Milei's speech, which delves into the history of economic growth where he attributes much of it to the principles of free-market capitalism. Regardless of whether one agrees with Milei's thesis, the importance lies in fostering a dialogue around these ideas. Join us as we kick off a series where we dive deeper into the factors contributing to the global explosion in growth, using Milei's speech as a thought-provoking starting point.

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