2024:17 What is Éire Accelerationism and Why Does it Matter? with Will O'Brien

Forty years since its inception, the DART and the lack of substantial progress in transport infrastructure reflects a systemic failure in Ireland's approach to development and progress. Instead of marking a milestone of achievement, the Dart's anniversary serves as a stark reminder of the political inertia and lack of commitment to meaningful change. Despite the economy expanding exponentially, with a growth of 20 to 30 times its size since 1984, the public transport system remains severely underdeveloped. This disparity underscores the urgent need for a paradigm shift, one that embraces accelerationism to propel Ireland forward into a future where development matches economic growth and fosters societal advancement - but what exactly is Accelerationism? This week, Will O'Brien, who's proposing we embrace a new idea known as 'Éire Accelerationism' - we delve into what Éire Accelerationism is, its origins, and why Ireland needs to embrace it. We consider its potential to address challenges, but also ask the question, could it really work?

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