Israel-Gaza: how opinion polls used in Northern Ireland could pave a way to peace

When the war in Gaza eventually ends, pressure will mount for negotiations to begin for a deal. When that day comes, how can opposing sides in the Israel-Palestine conflict find enough common ground to reach an agreement? In this episode, we hear about a method called peace polling, tried out successfully in Northern Ireland, that could offer a blueprint for how to reach a settlement between Israelis and Palestinians.

Featuring Colin Irwin, a research fellow at the Department of Politics at the University of Liverpool in the UK, and Jonathan Este, senior international editor at The Conversation in the UK.

This episode of The Conversation Weekly was written by Gemma Ware and produced by Mend Mariwany with assistance from Katie Flood. Eloise Stevens does our sound design, and our theme music is by Neeta Sarl. Gemma Ware is the executive producer. Full credits available here. A transcript will be available shortly. Subscribe to a free daily newsletter from The Conversation, and a fortnightly Gaza Update email.

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