Asking Questions: The Key To Creating A Life By Design With Mark Victor Hansen And Crystal Dwyer Hansen

What does the ultimate successful life look for you? There is manifesting power in asking such questions, but we are not asking them enough. We have all had to pivot at some point in our lives, but this year has been a universal pivot of the grandest scale. Now is the perfect opportunity to go inward, ask questions and reveal truths about ourselves and our God-given destiny in this world. Powerhouse speaker- and author-couple, Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen join Adam Markel to discuss these truths which are elegantly encased in their new book, Ask!: The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny. Both wildly successful individuals in each of their fields, Mark and Crystal achieved a purpose-driven and inspired life by doing the inner work and asking the right questions. Listen in to this beautiful transformational conversation for their incredible pivot stories and learn a thing or two about adversity, resilience and destiny.

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