The Perils Of Virtual Communication And The Future Of The Speaking Business With Dr. Nick Morgan

The whole world is gradually adapting to the need to do most of its talking virtually. Back in 2018 when Dr. Nick Morgan wrote Can You Hear Me?, his book on the perils of virtual communication, he did not have the slightest idea that the world will be hit hard by a global pandemic two years later. But the principles he wrote somehow became all the more tangible and important as many of us are forced to rely heavily on virtual communication just to get business done. As a result, we are also forced to live with the reality of its many perils, a fact that is not lost to many a keynote speaker who is now forced to deliver their craft to an audience of nodes. A top communication theorist and coach, Dr. Nick now helps speakers and coaches make the most out of this situation. Listen in as he discusses these things on the podcast with Adam Markel.

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