The Condemned – Antonio Viandante

After coming to Central New York to find happiness in a new life, Italian immigrant Antonio Viandante instead found himself in jail. A crime of passion in 1922 sent him to be executed in a machine invented in Upstate New York: the electric chair. For more information, see

Host – Sunny Hernandez, Josh McDonald

Written and edited – Johnathan Croyle, Steve Carlic, Sonja Duntley

Production – Katrina Tulloch

Graphics – Christa Lemczak

Music and sound –

Annoying Buzz Loopable by Michael Harrison 

Sad by Kirk Ross 

Long Door Creak followed by slam by Simon McCorry 

Breath Female (SFX) by john solo sensations 

Running in stony corridor (looping) by Derridon 

Flesh Stabs by Melee Steel Weapon 01 by Sergey Ryazanov 

Embers by Jim Grundy

Ambient Suspense by Eric Swanson

Three podcasting stingers by Zofia Pawlaczek


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