The Condemned -- Franklin Jenner

Franklin Jenner was a vagabond lumberjack and farmhand, hungry for a new life. This desperation led to a gruesome murder which earned him a profit of just 55 cents and ultimately, a trip to the electric chair. For more information, see


Host -- Sunny Hernandez, Josh McDonald

Written and edited -- Johnathan Croyle, Steve Carlic, Sonja Duntley

Production -- Katrina Tulloch

Graphics -- Christa Lemczak

Music and sound -- Annoying Buzz Loopable by Michael Harrison 

Strings for Films by nikproteus 

Embers by Jim Grundy 

Sad by Kirk Ross 

Sad by Anton Levin  

Ambient Suspense by Eric Swanson, Composer 

Desolate Cello Theme by Purple Planet 

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