Time out with the world's number one bartender, Monica Berg

We start this week’s episode with a classic cocktail recipe and end it with a modern classic - a woman who is destined to be written about in cocktail history books…

But first, our products, both a little bit different… We start with Tia Maria, not the coffee version but the more recent Matcha Liqueur, then move on to Charmed Circle Strong Waters from those clever folk at the Holyrood Distillery.

Our bar review sees us enjoying the New Orleans-inspired goodies at the Alligator Bar at Louie London, and we dip into the archives for our book choice this week, Tom Sandham’s The World’s Best Cocktails - 500 Couture Cocktails From The World’s Best Bars and Bartenders.

Then it’s on to our chat with the ever-inspiring Monica Berg to talk all things Tayer +

Elementary and why being behind the bar is her happy place.

What we’re mixing:

White Lady

45ml London Dry Gin

22ml Cointreau

22ml lemon juice

15ml egg white (optional)


Add all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake over ice. Pour into chilled coupe glasses.

For details of the people, products and places featured in this week’s episode, please find links to their websites below:

Alligator Bar at Louie London

Charmed Circle Strong Waters

Tayer + Elementary

The Thinking Drinkers

The World’s Best Bartenders - 500 Couture Cocktails From The World’s Best Bars and Bartenders (available from The Thinking Drinkers, above)

Tia Maria Matcha Liqueur

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