Taking a sip on the dark side

May 21st is World Whisky Day, so taking as our inspiration, we're keeping things suitably dark and tasty.

We kick things off with our two product reviews: the first, The Wiseman Bourbon – new to the UK; the other, one of our favourites, Takamaka Rum, bringing its St. André Series all the way from the Seychelles.

Shochu Lounge in Fitzrovia keeps the dark and sexy vibe going strong and as for (mostly) dark, contemplative – read 'classic' drinks to make at home, we're picking out 'Old Man Drinks' by Robert Schnakenberg.

Where does the whisky come in? That's down to this week's guest, Thomas Aske. co-founder of our favourite whisky bar Black Rock. Tune in to hear how he went from bar back to bar owner and, drum roll please, winning over the hard nuts in Dragons Den to amplify his monthly subscription service, Whisky Me.

What we're mixing:

Whisky Highball (serves one)

50ml blended whisky (we used Johnnie Walker Black Label)

100-150 ml soda water

Lemon peel to garnish


Fill a chilled Highball glass with ice. Add whisky (preferably from the freezer) and top up will chilled soda water. No need to stir. Garnish with lemon peel twist.

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Black Rock Bar

Old Man Drinks

Shochu Lounge

Takamaka Rum

The Wiseman Bourbon

Whisky Me

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