Small bottles, big books & a perfectly sized new bar

We start by mixing a special cocktail with Dima's, a proudly Ukranian Vodka.

The rest of the show takes in two wee bottles with big ideas. There's Beeble, a honey-infused whisky and Smål, a diminutive gin bursting with flavour and attitude. Our library pick makes no apology for its heftiness – each of the 900+ pages in 'The Oxford Companion To Spirits & Cocktails' is there for a reason.

And on to our featured bar, Seed Library. With its delicious drinks, groovy 70s-esque living room vibe and carefully curated vinyl collection, it's a must-visit for oldies and newcomers alike.

Then there's our sponsored interview from Geoff Robinson talking about the characteristics of Santa Teresa 1796 rum and the brand new City Solera programme.

What we're mixing:

Ukranian Fizz

30ml Dima's Vodka

10ml freshly-squeezed lemon juice

10ml limoncello

3 slices of cucumber

90ml sparkling wine


Shake the first four ingredients over ice. Double strain into a chilled flute or wine glass and top with 90ml of sparkling wine. Garnish with a strip of cucumber or lemon slice (optional).

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Dima's Vodka

Santa Teresa 1796 Rum

Seed Library


The Oxford Companion to Spirits & Cocktails

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For details of Santa Teresa City Solera programme follow Geoff Robinson

Benjamin Nolf, (France) ben_spirits

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