Gotta know when to fold 'em 🃏

Thursday’s rout was replaced by Friday’s rally, creating a mirror image of 24 hours earlier. No news was good news, it seems. But who cares, we’ll take it. Mercifully, no sunglasses were required to peruse the market map. Except for the goldies, it was a placid sea of green. Every sector was higher, led by technology with a gain of 7%. Energy, consumer discretionary, healthcare, communications and REITs also climbed more than 2%. Told you it was a mirror image. Demonstrating that point, having been chopped up yesterday, Square shares were glued together again, firming 15.2%. Other names that have occupied the depths of the score board recently were also suddenly bid. Xero went from zero to hero, bouncing 8.4%. The S&P/ASX 200 added 13.4points, or 1.93%, to finish at 7075.1. Despite the late heroics, the benchmark index still slumped 1.8% for the week, the fourth decline in a row.

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