A real green and gold day here on Aussie markets. Quarter end flows helped push the local index to a five-week high - closing up 0.78%...

A real green and gold day here on Aussie markets. Quarter end flows helped push the local index to a five-week high - closing up 0.78%. The local bourse outperformed regional markets with all sectors finishing in the green. Gold names alone missed out, thanks to spot prices dropping as bond yields rose once again and the US dollar strengthened. Out of session US futures are flat, signalling another lacklustre session tonight.

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  1. 11:50The ASX 200 flirted with positive territory this morning before spending most of the day in the red.Apr 16, 2021
  2. 13:25The ASX 200 headed south in early trade before building up a head of steam mid-morning and closing up 0.5% at a 13-month high of 7,058.60.Apr 15, 2021
  3. 13:35A day of easy riches and low hanging fruit. Where the tech sector ran free, while total outcasts like Webjet and Flight Centre watched forlornly on from 'forever lockdown.'Apr 14, 2021
  4. 11:00A lacklustre day on the local market with the ASX 200 closing flat - up just 0.042%. The one bright spot was the the tech sector, which lifted more than 2% after the buy-now-pay-later names popped.Apr 13, 2021
  5. 12:23The local bourse brushed off record highs on Wall St on Friday night to close down 0.3% - clearly looking for more direction than the bond market can offer.Apr 12, 2021
  6. 13:37It's Friday and I don't mind calling these markets weak, soft and underwhelming. A damp squib performance from an S&P/ASX200 that didn't want to be there and gave up pretending.Apr 09, 2021
  7. 11:31The ASX 200 index cracked 7,000 for just the second time in history today, before pulling back this afternoon to close at 6,998.80 - up 1.02%.Apr 08, 2021
  8. 13:53Dust off the L'il Nas CD its time to party like its February 2020, as the directionless funk we like to call the ASX 200 closes up 0.4%...Apr 07, 2021
  9. 11:21A third consecutive day of gains for the ASX 200, with the major index closing up 0.8%.Apr 06, 2021
  10. 10:32After a strong lead in this morning thanks to Joe Biden's announcement of a US$2 trillion infrastructure package, it was a choppy day on the local market which saw a late afternoon rally in the financials get us up by 0.6%.Apr 01, 2021