Episode 30 - Do You Need Grammar to Understand What People Are Saying?

Here's a question for you: Do you need grammar to understand what people are saying?


What about this sign I saw in a posh restaurant?
"No shirt. No tie. No service."

No grammar, right? But we totally understand what's going on here.

Interesting, right? Well, there's more.

Join me on this deep dive into how we really understand language. (Clue: it's not all about the grammar.)

We'll also look at why reduced relative clauses are so weird, how language is just a collection of ideas bunched together and how you can use "theme" and "rheme" to make better presentations, essays and conversations.

All stemming from an email from one of our listeners – shout-out to Hannah from Vietnam!

(Music in teaser section: Sweet by bensound.com)