There’s More To Plastic: Changing The Narrative On Plastic Packaging With Jonathan Quinn Of Pregis

Plastic has been around for the longest time and is the staple material for packaging. And with the recent pandemic and online shopping, you would think that the use of plastic has diminished, but you couldn’t be more wrong. It has increased significantly along with the misconception of destroying the planet. Would you believe that you, as the consumer, play the biggest role in the life cycle of plastic materials and how it affects the environment? In this episode, Jonathan Quinn, Director of Market Development and Sustainability at Pregis, shares their commitment to preserving the environment. He also talks about the Emerging Leadership Council’s mission and the importance of educating the consumers, especially the younger generation, about the value of recyclable flexible materials and avoiding misconceptions about the use of flexible packaging and plastic recycling. Tune in and learn how you can make a difference when using plastic.

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