58. Executive Recruiting: Why You Need A Backable CEO With Patrick Ropella

Recently we have seen senior-level leaders transitioning, which opened new opportunities for internal succession or external job requisition. And with the significant changes in work setups and company culture, The Ropella Group, with its Chairman & CEO, Patrick Ropella, took to a new category with a different set of requirements when profiling candidates, specifically for C-Suite positions in the chemical, consumer products, and technology industries. In this episode, Patrick tells us what Backable CEO means, how it brings value to a company, and what experience or expertise one needs to qualify. He also shares insights on how the chemical industry is doing in executive recruiting or hiring demands after the great recession, how social media platforms have changed the game for job seekers, and how they provided an avenue for the companies to source candidates. So, if you have positions to fill in your company or someone is looking for an available spot, tune in and get tips on what makes a good candidate and how you can stock up on employment history the right way to become the best fit.

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